The hassles of putting property in the market

The hassles of putting property in the marketSafura Abas

Selling a property can have many hassles and hurdles that a seller has to go through. Whether it is an apartment, villa or office, it can be a stressful procedure from the moment you decide to do it. So, how do you combat the difficulties to ensure a greater peace of mind? We will go through what we believe to be the best and most successful strategy for sellers based on experience and expertise.

You have to look and find a good agent that you can trust to sell your property for you. This can be difficult as there are many agents who are money hungry and do not care about much more. A good agent will work with you, as a seller, to understand what your requirements are and to work to fulfill these by advising you, according to your situation, on all the possibilities and then assisting you to pick the right option.

The benefit of picking many agents is that you expose your property to the market which increases the chances of potential buyers seeing it. However, this is greatly outweighed by the fact that buyers will see the property listed more than once and feel that the seller is desperate to sell it, which is the last thing you want.

With this in mind, is being exclusive with an agent a good idea?

The question is very much dependent on the understanding you have with the agent and how he interprets your requirements for the property to sell.

How quickly do you want to sell? What market do you want to target? Do you need a buyer to clear your finances? Once you have narrowed down an agent that you prefer to work with, what are the benefits of choosing to be exclusive?

Many sellers feel lost and confused as to whom to call and follow up on because of the many agents they speak to. An exclusive agent can take this off the seller’s hands by ensuring that all enquiries, clients, agents and interested parties are dealt with and qualified before reaching the point of a viewing or negotiation.

A good agent will regularly communicate with the owner. He will inform the owner about the feedback and interest received on the property, which helps the owner make the right decision regarding the sale based on the valuable information given by the said agent.

So, with these points in mind, how do you ensure that your property is substantially exposed in the market enough for it to find the right buyer?

An exclusive agent will feel obliged to put all his efforts and hard work into selling the property so he will look at advertising the property in premium and featured listings.

These listings are special and are placed at the top of all searches in major portals, and they have highlighted descriptions which ensure buyers spot the property.

Agents also have a large network of other reputable agents that he will work with to ensure a greater exposure for the property, which would mean more clients and a bigger potential to sell it.

The biggest threat to a potential sale can be overexposure as this can lead to disinterest in potential buyers, who may offer a much lower price.

Good agencies advertise in print which can be very good for high-end property as high-end property buyers are more likely to check print advertisements. A reputable agent will look at having a regular print of the property on full or half-page adverts, showcasing the features of the property.

Advert boards and open houses are also very successful in different parts of the world as they can showcase the best of each property which the agent can arrange on behalf of the seller to a high standard. We believe it is a straightforward choice.

Which will you choose? Get listed, get sold.

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Source: Safura Abas, Special to Freehold

The writer is General Manager - Aston Pearl Real Estate


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