Advantages of conducting an open house

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Although there are virtual tours, promotional mailers, and advertising and sales pitches, nothing beats the power of holding an open house to attract buyers. The process of cleaning, staging and primping the house you are selling is all part of the picture-perfect scene of marketing, providing you with the chance to put your best foot forward.

Holding this property scheme will give you a bang for your buck and here are some of the reasons why:

• A home preview creates personal touch as you welcome viewers. You can answer several questions regarding the house, its proximity to commercial areas and other major attractions in a very friendly manner. You can suggest what to make out of the various areas of the house, based on the buyer’s needs.

• It increases the number of interested viewers and gets serious buyers’ attention. The scheme heightens the property’s exposure and results in a faster sale.

• Curious onlookers may drop by and in turn suggest the property to someone who is genuinely interested to maybe buy your property.

• Home staging works for the property. You can showcase your home by arranging the furniture which is effective in generating interest. A staged property is a good way to quickly get offers which sometimes can get you more than your asking price.

• You can de-personalize the interiors by removing family portraits and photos and hanging general artworks or pictures, so buyers can view themselves living in it.

• Buyers can do shop comparison. They are able to compare features, giving you the opportunity to make the property stand out from the rest of the properties for sale.

• You can choose the timings for viewing. Weekends seem to be perfect time for this activity. After office hours until around 8pm could be a good idea, too.

At the end of the day, a well-presented home makes visitors end up loving your property and this brings them to consider your property more quickly.

Handy Hints
• Give potential buyers an opportunity to ask questions; answer them genuinely
• Home staging requires depersonalizing, decorating and arranging furniture
• Scheduling an open house after office hours until about 8pm is a good idea

Source: Cleofi-Krista Capili, Special to Classifieds
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