UPC launches tool for signage regulations

A new interactive tool will now make it easier for business owners in the emirate of Abu Dhabi to determine the type and location for any commercial signs they intend to put up.

The electronic tool has been developed by the emirate’s strategic urban authority, the Urban Planning Council (UPC), and provides convenient access to the regulations for commercial signage that were introduced in 2011. It was launched in the capital on Wednesday on the sidelines of Cityscape, the capital’s annual real estate meet that runs until Thursday.

Using the UPC tool, business owners can answer a few directed questions and get access to the specific guidelines that pertain to their store or business facility, instead of having to go through the entire manual on signage regulations.

The regulations were introduced by the UPC, in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, in a bid to improve public facades. In the past, commercial signs were often placed haphazardly and were often illegible, or did not include both English and Arabic writing.

Now, most areas of the capital city, especially those in the Al Zahiyah area, and along Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street and Hamdan Bin Mohammad Street, feature signs that comply with the signage regulations. These include standards for permitted signage typologies, the location and position of a sign on a building, as well as its specifications and dimensions.

Height limit

Specifically, businesses are prohibited from covering up shopfronts with advertisements and signs. Signage also cannot be used to advertise third-party brands or products, and cannot be placed above a certain height.

“We’re very pleased that in just a few short years, so many commercial buildings have already either met or retrofitted the standards. The interactive programme we introduced today is now available for anyone to use, making it quicker and easier to produce and fit commercial signage that meet the relevant guidelines,” said Abdullah Al Sahi, executive director for corporate services at the UPC.

The authority is also considering making the tool available through a smartphone application in the future.



Source: Samihah Zaman, Staff Reporter, gulfnews.com


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