UN Global Compact admits EmiratesGBC

Emirates Green Building Council (EmiratesGBC), an independent forum aimed at conserving the environment by strengthening and promoting green building practices, has been formally accepted as a participant of the United Nations Global Compact, a strategic policy initiative that aligns the operations of members with ten universally accepted principles, including environmental sustainability.

EmiratesGBC is one of only two business association participants of the UN Global Compact from the UAE. The UN Global Compact participants include UN agencies, labour organisations, civil society, academic, public sector and cities. The UAE has more than 50 participants, including the city of Dubai.

Voluntary Initiative

With nearly 12,000 business and non-business participants in 140 countries, the UN Global Compact is the largest voluntary corporate responsibility initiative in the world. It sets a practical framework for the development, implementation and disclosure of sustainability policies and practices, and offers participants a wide spectrum of work streams, management tools and resources - all designed to help advance sustainable business models and markets.

''Through our participation, we can support our stakeholders in the building industry supply chain to further adopt global best practices to conserve our natural resources and promote environmental sustainability,'' said Saeed Al Abbar, Chairman of EmiratesGBC. ''The induction of EmiratesGBC to the UN Global Compact will further lend momentum to our activities to promote green building practices, as it opens doors to an array of resources, including the UN's knowledge and experience with sustainability, in addition to providing opportunities for information exchange with global experts.

''It will also enable us to set up an established and globally recognised policy framework for the development, implementation and disclosure of environmental, social and governance policies and practices.''


The UN Global Compact works toward a sustainable and inclusive global economy, which delivers lasting benefits to people, communities and markets, while promoting the spirit of volunteerism.

As a participant, EmiratesGBC will adhere to the principles laid down by the UN Global Compact as well as submit an annual posting of the Communication on Progress document, a public disclosure to stakeholders on progress made in implementing the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and in supporting broader UN development goals.

Source: Property Weekly


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