Tourism and trade alive in Fujairah

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The emirate of Fujairah is on a strong drive to make headlines in tourism and business. It recently called upon Emiratis who are experts in the tourism field to help boost the emirate’s popularity as a top travel destination for both local and international visitors. The emirate wishes to highlight not only its beaches, but also its cultural and historical spots.

Tourism and culture enthusiasts have started their own online campaign to encourage investors and tourists to see Fujairah’s potential. Good seasons to visit Fujairah are during spring from March to May and autumn season from October to December when the weather is pleasant for road trips. Guests can enjoy watersports activities such as surfing, yachting, deep sea fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling.

Aside from watersports, Fujairah promises visitors fun activities like bull butting, while heart-pumping activity seekers can enjoy wadi bashing. This is a must-do with an expedition to among the most beautiful wadis such as Wadi Siji, Wadi Saham and Wadi Mai. The longest valley of Wadi Ham and Wadi Al Tawain’s mountainous route must not be missed. But if people want scenic waterfall views, Wadi al-Wuraya is just at the north of Fujairah.

On the industrial side, the Fujairah Port, which is among the top three bunkering destinations in the world, currently sees a demand for oil storage capacity, gaining huge investments in oil storage. Among the other activities in the port are marine supply, livestock handling, cargo services and container handling, among others.

In terms of medical facilities, three new health care centres have been opened on a three-month trial period starting this month. Two of the centres, which are located in Al Khulaibia and Dadna, are both funded by the UAE president. The third is in Al Okameya in Dibba. Their official launching is planned within the last months of this year.

Handy Hints
• Three new medical centres are set to open in Fujairah this year
• Historical sites, wadis, watersports attract people to Fujairah
• The Fujairah Port currently sees a huge demand for oil storage

Source: Cleofi-Krista Capili, Special to Properties
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