Software to help Dubai real estate companies cut down almost 2,000 man-hours per year

Masterkey, a property management software provider in the UAE, announced that it has completed the integration of the applications, making it the first non-governmental entity to integrate with the Ejari system.

How it works
Built by Emirates Real Estate Solutions, Ejari tracks rental transactions and helps reduce illegal transactions. Masterkey automates the transfer of data to the Ejari system, reducing the time to register lease agreements with the DLD and making it easy to secure copies of Ejari contracts.

Sultan Bin Butti Bin Mejren, Director General of the DLD, said: "The Ejari integration is one of the main items in our plans that will make it easier for real estate companies to create and register their lease agreements with the DLD, ensuring that all lease contracts are recorded correctly.

"Since Masterkey is linked with Ejari, you will be able to generate the Ejari barcode and registration number directly from Masterkey, making it easier for the public to obtain Ejari contracts."

Mohammad Khalifa Bin Hammad, Senior Director at Rera, said: "'Ejari will provide official institutions and investors with a centralized and accurate database and a detailed view of the rental market, to enhance the planning of future development in the real estate sector and determine the amount and type of opportunities for growth and returns."

Real estate companies are now enjoying the benefits of the integrated applications.

Better Homes, a property management company, revealed that it can save up to 2,000 man-hours a year by automating the transfer of information to Ejari. The company registers more than 8,000 tenancy contracts per year, in addition to its existing brokerage and project sales services. 

Ryan Mahoney, CEO of Better Homes, said: "We were spending in the range of 2,000 hours a year to copy data into the Ejari system. Now, we can simply update our information in Masterkey, which will then register new leases in Ejari at the click of a button."



Source: Property WeeklyPW


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