Sofitel secures the first Green Globe awarded to a Palm Jumeirah property

The five-star, Polynesian-themed resort, which has 361 rooms and 182 serviced apartments, is the first to be Green Globe certified on Palm Jumeirah and is also the first Accor Group property to receive the award.

"We are very proud  to receive the GGC, which is the result of many months of preparation and hard work by the management team and all staff, highlighting our true commitment towards sustainability," said Christophe Schnyder, General Manager of the resort. "We shall endeavour to carry on reducing our impact on the environment and creating a better workplace."

The hotel which opened in July, already had energy efficient systems incorporated in its initial design. Solar panels have also been installed on the roof, covering 530 sq m, providing 50 per cent of the hotel's hot water supply.

Condensation from the air-conditioning units is drained and recycled to irrigate the hotel's 27,000-sq-m landscape. The irrigation system is monitored by a weather station on the property, which allows the hotel to operate its sprinklers more efficiently.

All public taps are also fitted with water aerators, saving 6,000 cu m of water, while 80 per cent of the resort's 24-hour lighting has been replaced by LED lights, saving more than 290,000 kilowatt-hours in less than four months. Low-energy lighting in guest rooms are being phased in this year.

The hotel also has an extensive waste segregation programme. In just six months, the hotel has saved the equivalent of 759 trees.



Source: Property WeeklyPW


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