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From automatic light switches that dim when you walk out of the room to setting the home security alarm, home automation and smart homes are no longer just for the super-rich and IT experts.

By definition, a smart home is a home that includes extremely advanced automatic systems for functions such as entertainment, security, thermostat regulations, multi-media, window and door operations, lighting and many others. By way of a tablet, computer or smartphone, all appliances and devices can be interconnected, enabling communication with the owner of the dwelling.

Any electrical device can be included in a custom-designed home network, and operate according to personal command settings. The command can be given by remote control, voice, smartphone or tablet, allowing the home to react. A smart home appears intelligent because its computer systems can monitor the many aspects of daily living.

While some new homes are being automatically built in a way that facilitates advanced home automation systems, older homes can be retrofitted, which means smart home technologies can be added to an existing home. As there is such a wide range of smart home technologies available, there is now an effort being made to standardize home protocols and automation technologies. For example, Instabus is a well-reputed brand for smart home technology protocol in Europe enabling smart device inter-digital communication.

Home automation technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Basically, coded signals are transmitted via the wirings in the home to the switches and outlets. These are pre-programmed to run electronic devices and appliances throughout the home.

Much of the trend towards smart homes is being facilitated by the popularity of tablets and smartphones whose Internet connection enables the configuration of different kinds of online devices. This is done through what is known as the Internet of Things which refers to products and objects which are identifiable and interconnected through digital networks and are increasingly bigger on a daily basis.

Handy Hints
• Smart homes have technology that allows dwellers to control many functions
• They can even detail when plants need to be watered, reveal fridge contents
• Home automation is especially useful for elderly who wish to live independently

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