Residents urged to cut back on energy use in Dubai

Residents urged to cut back on energy use in DubaiImage Credit: Supplied

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) launched its yearly ''Peak Load Campaign'' in recent months, asking residents to limit their use of electricity and water from 12noon to 6pm and do their daily chores during off-peak hours.

With this practice, households can save a huge chunk from their DEWA bill if chores using appliances like dishwashers, tumble dryers, ovens and irons are done in the morning or in the evening.

The biggest consumer of electricity among all household appliances is air-conditioning where homes are noticeably at below 20°C. This translates to as much as 60 per cent of each household's peak-load use. Residents are, thus, recommended to turn up the air-conditioning temperature from less than 20°C to 24°C to reduce energy consumption.

Residents are also encouraged to minimize water and electricity usage by using their time wisely, turning off unused lights and cutting back on the use of other appliances. One simple way of minimizing electricity and water use at home is to collect a full load of laundry before turning on the washing machine, and boiling just enough water for coffee or tea. It is also wise to replace outdated appliances like refrigerators and washers to avoid high energy consumption.

Reducing energy consumption also reduces carbon emissions that affect the environment. It is a fact that the more we consume energy, the more fossil fuels are burned that emit greenhouse gases.

The rational decision behind the DEWA drive is to heighten consumer consciousness on how to distribute energy consumption at home or in the office, which can lead to less harmful emissions while ensuring the future generations will be able to enjoy the benefits of a sustainable environment.

So, take a step back and contemplate on how you can conserve energy and avoid high water and electricity bill, saving money as a result.

Handy Hints:

• All residents in Dubai are asked to use water and electricity from 12 to 6pm

• Households can turn up aircon temp to 24°C, replace outdated appliances

• The DEWA drive aims to transform Dubai residents into responsible consumers

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Source: Cleofi-Krista Capili, Special to Properties

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