Ready for Dubai’s 'Vertical Industrial City'?

Gulf NewsDubai Steps l Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai: This city isn't resting on its laurels. That's what civic authorities demonstrated on Tuesday after announcing new projects planned or to be undertaken by the Dubai Municipality.

The city officials announced on Twitter that the new projects include a "Vertical Industrial City”, a new conference centre, the intriguing "Dubai Steps" and the upcoming Hardware and Bicycle Market.

There were past proposals for a “vertical city” skyscraper in Dubai designed by Italian architects, featuring a self-contained flame-like high-rise using an open-structure concept — with a capacity of holding 25,000 people at any given time.

Details of the projects, including ground-breaking or delivery dates, are scant. And it is not clear if the original plan will be followed in the new vertical industrial district announced on Tuesday.

But from the conceptual designs, the Vertical Industrial City appears to be set in a sprawling area where low-rise buildings, warehouses and factory shop floors are planned on the outer rim of high-rises and circular-shaped buildings, next to a man-made water bodies.

The planned “Dubai Steps”, meanwhile, looks like an inclined 20-step giant structure that reaches to the skies, which would presumably give unmatched views of the city’s skyscapers, with some greenery on every step and obelisque-like monument at its base.

The planned egg-shaped cultural centre sits next to a body of water next to a high-rise.

The Hardware and Bicycle Market is laid out in triangle-shaped district with external stores, shaded stores, car and truck parking.

Source; Staff Report, gulfnews.comGN


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