Protect your home from break-ins

Statistics released by Dubai Police revealed that 333 houses were burgled last year, compared to 321 in 2013. Compared to London, where an estimated 56,000 homes were burgled in 2014, it does seem inconsequential, but try telling that to the unfortunate victims of these crimes. It is worth noting that 50 per cent of the break-ins in Dubai occurred when the property was empty.

With many families going on summer holidays, Dubai Police has urged villa residents to take part in a summer safety programme, wherein patrolling policemen regularly check registered villas. According to official records, no villas registered with the police programme have been robbed in the past seven years.

“Anyone can register their villa into the police system,” said Lukas Eigenmann, Director of Hitches & Glitches, a home maintenance services company. “Police patrols are then informed to check the villas regularly to prevent burglaries. However, negligence is usually the main factor in cases of burglary —meaning they are preventable, so long as homeowners and tenants are diligent.”

Eigenmann added that maintenance issues are another cause of headache, especially if they arise when homeowners are away. He said Hitches & Glitches offers solutions such as the H&G Store to provide a convenient online alternative to traditional call-based home maintenance service.

“We have found that this is particularly convenient for landlords and homeowners who travel extensively, or those away on their summer break,” said Eigenmann.

Tips to prevent burglary

Here are nine simple steps to keep your home safe while you’re on a holiday.

1. Check all doors and window locks are well maintained and secure.

2. Secure home and garden tools that could be used to break into your home.

3. Use an automatic timer to activate lights at night and then switch them off.

4. Keep cash, phones, jewellery and high-value items out of plain sight.

5. Cancel newspaper deliveries and ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your home.

6. Tell the maid to ask visitors for identification, especially random tradesmen. Leave your contact details in case visitor verification is required or an emergency arises.

7. Avoid telling strangers or anyone that you are going away on holiday. You never know who is overhearing your conversation.

8. Don’t put up photographs or messages on social media sites while you are away on holiday. Same goes for voicemail.

9. Have an alarm fitted and register your home with Dubai Police.

Source: Property Weekly


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