Outdoor design sector enjoys Expo boost

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Dubai's preparations for the World Expo 2020 have created a positive impact on the outdoor design sector. This was the consensus of landscaping companies at last week's second edition of the Outdoor Design Build and Supply Exhibition (ODBS) in Dubai.

Exhibitors at the event reported record levels of inquiries from UAE buyers. There were more than 80 international exhibitors showcasing 120 brands across the outdoor design. lighting, irrigation, outdoor play, water and waste management sectors among others.


"The landscaping industry is quickly gathering pace in the run-up to Expo 2020, which is already positively affecting our business as the government gives the green-light on more sustainability projects and initiatives," said Jane Aldersley. Director of Design and Sales at Global Light and Power, one of the exhibitors at ODBS.


"The announcement by the government that the import of incandescent light bulbs would be stopped from July, in favour of using LEOs or CLFs, is helping to grow our business, for example. Dubai is leading the way in its decision-making and in influencing its residents and businesses to become more sustainable."


ODBS assembled regional experts for a series of panel discussions on sustainability in the outdoor design sector, including innovative composting. water saving and irrigation techniques.


"Dubai's emphasis on environmental issues has direct benefits for our business," said Luca Truant, Regional Manager of Claber Meteo, which specialises in centralized irrigation systems.


"We have been able to streamline our irrigation control systems business to fit neatly into the municipality's guidelines for development, delivering effective centralised systems that enable developers to manage usage, wastage and leakage from one centralized point."






Source: Property Weekly




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