Mumtalakati – easing property transactions in Abu Dhabi

Mumtalakati – easing property transactionsImage Credit: Supplied

Processing of property transactions has now become easier in the emirate of Abu Dhabi with the introduction of a new initiative dubbed ''Mumtalakati.'' This came on the heels of the launch of the Onwani Unified and Addressing System, which seeks to facilitate the easier identification of roads, inner streets, and buildings within the emirate.

According to a news report, the Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA) has merged the property and land-related procedures available in the three municipalities of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region into one system, giving residents of the capital greater ease of ''doing business'' with any of the municipalities. The news report added that under the new scheme, the three municipalities will be able to handle 30 different real estate services. Furthermore, residents can approach any municipality for document processing and related work regardless of where their properties are located.

The Mumtalakati project encompasses a wide scope of services ranging from property buying and selling to mortgage, land leases to endowments, wills and inheritance to tenancy agreements and investment contracts, title deeds to properties certificates, communal houses to temporary lands, and many others.

The project is part of a major government move to standardize and enhance the emirate's various systems and procedures for the greater benefit of its constituents. It is also in consonance with the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 which maps out long-term goals on key areas that will improve its economy and bring about quality living in the whole of the emirate.

Abu Dhabi has launched several ''integrated'' projects that seek to improve the lives of its residents, among which are the Baqala initiative and the Mawaqif paid parking system.

Handy Hints:

• Mumtalakati project to benefit Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Western Region

• Scheme allows for the unified application of numerous services

• Project has been created in line with Abu Dhabi Vision 2030

Source: Ellen Joyce Soriano, Special to Properties,

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