Mobile app for Meydan’s Millennium Square project

Meydan Millenium Square Project AppImage Credit: Supplied

Mobile apps for realty sector projects are gaining momentum in the global market as this technology enhances the luxury property experience of the customers. Prosperous buyers today expect their property investment to have a technology component, and the easiest way to exceed that expectation is to have a feature-rich mobile app. Thus, property developers and service providers are turning to mobile technology with custom-branded app solutions to interact with customers on their service offerings.

The Millennium Square luxury residential development in Meydan gets the region’s first-of-its-kind interactive mobile app, which will enable customers to experience a complete 3D walkthrough of the project on their Android smart devices from any location in the world. It will soon be available on Apple platform.

Customers can watch the project come alive right on their tab or smart devices with the Augmented Reality (AR) application. They can take a virtual walk through the project, exploring each room and space, to decide on their dream villa. The 3D-augmented mobile app brings to potential property buyers the best of virtual and AR application dedicated to the real estate industry.

The app features a series of dynamic 3D renderings and the complete details of Millennium Square. Customers simply need to open the Millennium Square app, point their device on top of the AR trigger image or switch to virtual view mode by clicking on the virtual reality button. Users can also download image markers and the location map from a link provided on it. The villas can be explored through a unique virtual reality interaction that features 360-degree views with pinch, drag and touch inputs; 360-degree tours with touch and gyro inputs; and a real-time walkthrough with virtual joysticks. The app also provides detailed information about the developer, with interactive space for scheduling appointment with the sales team.

Millennium Square is the region’s first semi-detached villa project featuring the very best of international architectural designs and the finest of exclusive suburban living features. It mainly targets property seekers looking forward to living in exclusive surroundings with breathtaking nature.

Handy Hints
• Property developers are now turning to technology to interact with customers
• The Millennium Square mobile app is currently available on Android phones
• It lets people navigate each property’s room and space on their smart devices

Source: Anirudh V. Naduvath, Special to Properties
The writer is MARCOM Head, SPF Realty


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