Meydan One the next big thing in Dubai

Meydan One the next big thing in DubaiImage Credit: Supplied

With some record-breaking developments, Meydan One is expected to become another Dubai landmark instantly recognisable for its sheer size. Situated between the Meydan Racecourse and Al Khail Road, it aims to embody the spirit of Dubai.

Central to all its attractions, the tallest residential tower, The Dubai One, will have the highest 360-degree observation deck at 655 metres high and a sky restaurant at 675 metres high. It is expected to be completed in 2016.

Another attraction in the development is the Meydan One Mall with a roof that will be opened during the winter months. Next to the mall is an enormous indoor ski slope with a downhill run of 1.2-kilometre long piste, expected to beat world records. Providing snowboarders and skiers a safe and challenging trail, it will have sophisticated support services akin to a winter resort.

Near the ski slope is the Meydan Arena which can accommodate 8,000 people. It will host an impressive line-up of concerts, sports events and theatrical performances. The project’s civic plaza is expected to become a leisure haunt for people. Designed to accommodate a massive crowd, it will feature a waterfall, floating stage and the largest dancing fountain.

The project will also include an indoor multi-purpose sports venue with skateboarding, BMX and mountain biking, golf, lacrosse, hockey, football, biking and running facilities. Furthermore, Meydan One will house a conference centre and the Meydan One Marina Yacht Club which can take 100 yachts/boats all at once.

An idea of fun and excitement for residents and visitors in this thriving urban centre includes swimming and kayaking in crystal lagoons or the beach which will be dotted with restaurants and cafés. There is so much one can do here like going on leisurely walks in the nine-kilometre-long boardwalk, shopping in retail outlets and hanging out with friends.

Meydan One is expected to appeal to a large of number of investors and tourists. Its first phase is slated to be finished before 2020.

Handy Hints:

• Meydan One will be a new hub for living, business, sports, retail

• It will feature the longest indoor ski slope, highest sky restaurant

• It will also have an observation deck, marina, mall, sports venue

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