The making of Dubai into a smart city

The making of Dubai into a smart cityYash Shah

The dynamics of the real estate sector continues to transform Dubai into a highly economically competitive area with the support of sustainable technology in the infra-development sector. The real estate sector in Dubai is embracing radical changes in terms of the market dynamics and measures for sustainable development.

The challenges of climate change and constantly growing energy costs are the key driving factors for the modern real estate sector to keep track of innovation in terms of embracing smart technology in the sector.

This will facilitate the infra-development segment to meet the requirements to improve the quality of life, economic competitiveness and environmental viability.

There is a range of issues including climate change, higher fuel prices and fresh water depletion that turn to be major challenges for urban growth. The delivery of sustainable urban development requires innovation on a wider canvas.

According to the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), cities across the world are facing unprecedented demographic, environmental, economic and social challenges, with six out of every 10 people in the world expected to reside in urban areas by the year 2030.

A recent report on Smart City development has revealed that Dubai is currently in leading position in the move to become a fullfledged global smart city, which will see the best of technology and innovations demonstrating sustainable urban development to improve the quality of life of the residents here.

Dubai's move towards finding smart solutions is well under way with a new style of sustainable growth that encourages healthy economic activities to reduce the impact of infrastructure development on the environment while improving people's quality of life.

The realty sector in Dubai is experiencing an intelligent approach in planning and implementing infrastructure development projects. Customers and investors value not only the price and quality of residential projects, but also the location, the urban setting and the smart technology aligned with the projects.

Making a city smart is all about the use of modern technology, advanced urban planning, focus on sustainability and strengthening the economy. Developing infrastructure, construction of buildings and providing the needed services will have a great impact on the quality of life of the inhabitants in the city. Dubai finds its own ways to become a more efficient and innovative city by optimizing the existing infrastructure, while delivering more services and advanced technological solutions.

Dubai leads the way in the region in implementing smart solutions to face the problems of the new world. The emirate has been a leader in embracing sustainability and smart urban development. The visionary leadership has emphasized the promotion of sustainable development, and spearheaded numerous initiatives to continue Dubai's tradition as a very livable and green city. As a result, Dubai is now home to lots of sustainability innovation which are dedicated to making the emirate a leader in green development. These initiatives have also transformed Dubai into a global city where technology fuels opportunity and innovation.

Dubai has plenty to offer for the smart living urban concept, educating residents, communities, and companies on its journey towards a low carbon economy. The city is planning on investing in environmental initiatives aimed at transforming residential, commercial and industrial buildings and other infrastructure in line with global sustainability practices.

The authorities are running a series of programs to reach that target, using cutting-edge environmental practices and policies, and constantly updating the model for future initiatives.

Source: Yash Shah, Special to Freehold

The writer is Property Sales & Leasing Manager, SPF Realty


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