Makani makes navigation a walk in the park

Makani makes navigation a walk in the parkImage Credit: Supplied

Dubai has rolled out an official addressing system called Makani (My Location). It will be used and will benefit everyone in the emirate – residents, tourists, visitors, government organisations, the police, ambulance and companies.

Makani designates a 10-digit number in each building, home and public area in Dubai. Its goal is to make it easy for all users to reach any location by using their mobiles, tablets, digital maps and GPS navigational devices. It is expected to become compatible with Google and HERE maps by 2016.

Now available on both Android and iOS platforms, and in BlackBerry and Windows smart app stores, one just has to download the Makani app and punch in the number to check where a building is located. This makes navigation within the city a walk in the park, especially for first-time travelers and people new to areas without visible or major landmarks.

The addressing system is not limited to any language and does not require the exact directions or names of the location. Modern technologies have been used to extract the location coordinates of all the main entrances of buildings in Dubai, Hatta and the free zone areas. The municipality says the geo-addressing system is accurate up to one metre.

Not only is every location in Dubai allocated a Makani number but establishments with several entrances have also been assigned a separate number for each entrance. For example, The Dubai Mall, which has 11 entrances, is given 11 Makani numbers. Hospitals, which obviously have other entrances aside from the main and the emergency entrances, are also assigned different numbers for each entryway.

The Makani system is very simple and useful. It does not only show the exact location of a place, it also guides you to where the property’s entrance is.

Once the system is fully operational, it is expected to be most beneficial to emergency responders and delivery personnel.

Handy Hints:

• Makani can assist individuals in locating a building within a metre precision

• The addressing system only needs a number code instead of names of places

• Makani app is available on Google Play, Apple, BlackBerry, Windows app stores

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Source: Cleofi-Krista Capili, Special to Properties

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