Luxury floating villas on Dubai's World Islands

Luxury floating villas on Dubai's World IslandsImage Credit: Supplied

Along with Dubai's momentous economic recovery and the upswing in its real estate market, the World Islands is once again back on track and is currently being developed.

The project will consist of 300 man-made islands built to resemble the shape of continents. It is situated four kilometres off the coast and is near Palm Jumeirah.

It is divided into four categories: dream resorts, private homes, community islands and estate homes. Each island has a size of between 23.2 and 83.6 thousand square metres, with a gap of water in between 50 and 100 metres.

The Australasia district will feature luxury floating private island villas. Each of the 33 floating villas will have its own private beach, pool and garden. According to the plan, the bathroom and master bedroom will be completely submerged in water. The base of the island is designed as such that it will create an underwater habitat for marine life.

The Heart of Europe sector, meanwhile, will have ''floating seahorses'' that will consist of three levels: underwater, sea and upper deck. The houses' masters bedrooms and bathrooms will be entirely submerged in water. Some of the units have already been sold to property buyers from the GCC, Europe and India. Germany will comprise the first phase while Sweden will consist the second phase of the community. Other islands are named Europe, Monaco, St Petersburg and Switzerland.

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has agreed to provide water taxis, ferries and boats to the islands. There is also an agreement with a seaplane operator to provide air access. Furthermore, there are talks of being connected to the mainland via a cable car. There will also be luxury yachts and helicopters to ferry residents and visitors.

The resurrection of what is considered a landmark project is expected to put Dubai on the global map for cutting-edge and iconic residential projects.

Handy Hints:

• The World Islands will comprise several islands featuring luxury residences

• Heart of Europe villas will consist of three levels, with one submerged in water

• RTA has agreed to provide water taxis, boats and ferries to the different islands

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Source: Saadiya Ahmad, Special to Properties

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