Ideas for going green in the office

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Sustainability and going green are not only limited to your home. In fact, making your office sustainable can actually help you save money and it has never been easier with the following smart ideas:

• Only print if absolutely necessary and in that case, only use recycled paper. Avoid color printing; print in draft mode whenever possible. Instead of keeping paper records for everything, back up your data virtually with cloud computing or an external hard drive. Make it an office policy to post all employee notifications and manuals online rather than printing.

• Use daylight whenever you can. Make it a standard office practice to switch off the lights if you are leaving the room for 15 minutes or more. And when you leave the office for the day, always turn off your computer and the power strip it is plugged into.

• Make it a habit to bring your own mug and dishware for the meals you eat at the office. Stop purchasing bulk foam plates and plastic cutlery; instead, ask everyone to bring their own utensils.

• Aim to purchase organic and local food whenever possible for events. Use filtered drinking water to decrease bottled water waste.

• Rather than throwing out old furniture and equipment, recycle them. Up the ante on your office recycling for everything, from envelopes to fax paper and junk mail. Even old mobile phones can be recycled.

• Make the effort to proactively buy eco-friendly office supplies, from energy saving light bulbs to inks and toners.

• Encourage carpooling to the office amongst co-workers or even the use of public transport. Both can reduce carbon footprint in the long run and lead to huge savings.




Handy Hints

• Instead of buying new computers, upgrade hardware components

• Add plants which act as filters, absorbing indoor air pollutants

• Buy eco-friendly office supplies like light bulbs, inks and toners




Source: Saadiya Ahmad, Special to Properties

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