Greens residents angry over paid parking plans

Greens residents angry over paid parking plansImage Credit: Clint Egbert,

Residents of The Greens community in Dubai will have to pay for parking their vehicles as the neighbourhood is expected to be covered under the paid parking system by this month end, Gulf News can confirm.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) confirmed that the neighbourhood is being covered under the paid parking system to control the misuse of parking spaces.

''We do our regular studies across the city and, depending on the need, we implement the paid parking system. Residents of Greens have parking spaces allocated for them in the buildings so we believe they don't have to worry about the parking spaces on the streets,'' said Adel Al Marzouqi, Director of Parking at RTA's Traffic and Roads Agency.

He added that the idea is to make parking spaces on the streets easily available for visitors and the introduction of paid parking will control use of the parking spaces.

''We have started setting up the signboards and the machines will be installed soon and most probably by the end of this month the paid parking system will be in operation,'' Al Marzouqi said.

The Greens is Emaar's privately-developed residential community.

Road maintenance deal

However, according to RTA, both parties signed a contract last year that allows them to maintain roads and control parking spaces in areas developed by Emaar.

''We signed a contract with Emaar last year before we implemented the paid parking system in Dubai Marina. This development is part of the same contract that allows us to maintain the roads and infrastructure in the areas developed by Emaar,'' added Al Marzouqi.

Obviously, the plan has not gone down well with the residents, who are fuming at the idea of having to pay for parking outside their houses.

''This is purely a residential community and not a mixed use or commercial area where a paid-parking system could be justified. It is totally unfair to charge for parking in The Greens where there is not much problem in finding a parking space,'' Allan Wilkinson, a long-time resident of the neighbourhood, said.


Interestingly, the residents of The Greens are not giving up without a fight.

They have initiated an online campaign, urging all the residents to sign a petition calling on Emaar to exempt the tenants and owners living in the community from paid parking.

More than 200 people have signed the petition.

Most residents are calling for a scheme to allow residents free parking and make visitors or staff at business establishments operating from the community to pay.

Officials from Emaar declined to comment despite repeated requests.

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Source: Shafaat Shahbandari, Staff Reporter,


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