Green projects transform UAE communities

Green communitiesThe Outdoor Design and Build Show runs from April 13-15 l Image Credit: Outdoor Design and Build Show

Green landscaping projects in the UAE are transforming communities, improving quality of life and delivering sustainable development, according to industry experts. They can also improve air quality, with a single tree capable of removing 11.8kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere a year — equivalent to 11,000 miles of car emissions.

“In Dubai, it is important to have plenty of green space — which reduces heat buildup and breaks up reflected heat from hard surfaces such as villas and pavements to produce a cooling effect,” said Kamelia Bin Zaal, Creative Director of Al Barari. “Through the shade they offer, trees can buffer homes from extreme heat and reduce energy consumption and air-conditioning costs.”

Green landscaping projects and eco-friendly residential communities such as Al Barari will be discussed at the Landscape 2020 conference, which runs alongside the Outdoor Design and Build Show on April 13-15. Landscape 2020 will bring together local and international leaders in outdoor design and urban development to showcase innovative urban projects.

The combination of the natural shade canopy produced by planting with the abundance of waterways and designs intended to control wind flow has created a microclimate within the Al Barari development that can be 3-5 degrees Celsius below that of surrounding areas.

“Historically, Bedouins have always understood the importance of oases as they were fundamental to our survival, so it is only natural that culturally we have a high regard and understanding of the abundance a garden can provide,” Bin Zaal said. “Greenery and landscaping have always been a focus for the nation.”

Diamond Developers will provide an overview of its Sustainable City project in Dubai, the first community of its kind in the region. “The concept is born out of the desire to design and build a community that, in its day-to-day functioning, embodies the true meaning of sustainable development, integrating social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainability,” said Phil Dunn, Landscape Project Director of Diamond Developers.

“Sustainability is a key pillar of the Dubai government, and we are also seeing a strong interest in the concept of a sustainable city from across the Middle East.”

Source: Property Weekly


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