Google Street View and the Dubai realty sector

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Dubai has recently become the first city in the Middle East region to implement the Google Street View solution which offers a panoramic map service of the city. Launched in 2007 in the US, the technology featured in Google Maps and Google

Earth provides panoramic views from positions along many streets in the world.

It features the major areas and tourist attractions in Dubai. This allows users to navigate through the old and new streets of the city. For instance, it presents Burj Khalifa unlike we have seen it before. It gives people around the world the opportunity to visit the world’s tallest skyscraper, the largest shopping malls, highways, beaches, parks and many key landmarks of Dubai via their computer screen.

Google Street View will be available for all the public areas in the city; however, the service blurs out faces and vehicle license plates to protect the identity and privacy of the residents. Even though the service covers the most important business and tourist locations, it is not available in private residential areas or free zones.

The tool not only promotes Dubai’s tourism sector, but also indirectly supports its real estate industry. The service can make it easier for people searching for real estate investments. With this solution, property seekers from any part of the world can instantly check a location supported by the tool. A potential property buyer will be very much interested in exploring the city before he or she actually visits the place to see how it really looks like.

Buyers can go to Google Maps to access the service and get a 360° view of the major locations they are interested in investing in. In fact, the technology has emerged as a principal driver for the real estate industry as many buyers use the benefits of technology to decide how, when, where and what investments they can make. However, the market has yet to fully take advantage of it.

Desk-bound people can now explore Dubai’s areas of attraction without leaving their chairs, thanks to Google Street View. Hopefully, this new tool will bring increased awareness of the city’s property sector.

Handy Hints
• Google Street View provides panoramic views of city streets and structures
• It is expected to boost Dubai's tourism sector as well as its real estate industry
• Property Investors can utilize the service when making investment decisions

Source: Yash Shah, Special to Properties
The writer is Property Sales & Leasing Manager, SPF Realty


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