FM industry to top Dh2Ob

Facilities Management (FM) services contracts in the UAE could reach a total annual value of Dh20 billion by next year, according to a study. Moreover, around 60 per cent of industries in the UAE are expected to outsource their FM requirements, according to outsourcing firm G4S, which conducted the study.

The FM services covered by the study included cleaning services, pest control, office services, landscaping, waste management and building management systems. It did not include security services.

"Annual growth in the UAE is driven by the construction boom, as well as the increasing demand for improved service levels, not just personnel," said Nigel Hall, who was recently appointed UAE Director of Outsource Service at G4S. "The single, most important critical improvement we are seeing in the UAE market is the sophistication of the contracting sector.

"FM contracts are becoming more integrated, more metric-based and, crucially, longer in duration. The combined effect of these improvements is better service for customers and, of course, improved cost-efficiencies for all parties. The UAE is the GCC's leader in this respect."

Source: Property Weekly.



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