Emrill deploys Business Smart Model to cut maintenance time, cost

Integrated facilities management company Emrill has launched the Business Smart Model, designed to provide faster and more cost-effective maintenance using the company’s mobile maintenance service, mobile work order solution and intelligent low-cost wireless monitoring system.
The Business Smart Model reduces business and safety risks and can reduce operating costs by 25 per cent. It targets businesses such as retailers, data centres and offices, as well as homeowners associations.
“Our Mplus+ experience has led to us to develop our systems further and apply them to the corporate world,” said Jason Ruehland, Director at Emrill.
Tried and tested
The company said the mobile maintenance service and the mobile work order solution have already been tried and tested in Emrill’s Mplus+ home maintenance consumer service.
Essentially, these systems make the cycle from the help call, over the customer service centre, to the technicians attending the issue paperless. A smart phone conveys help messages to the technician in real time, while follow-ups are made the same way until the job is done. Response times have improved by 63 per cent, according to Emrill. 
“The issue was to find the right price point in the market to offer the technologies and we have achieved that,” said Ruehland.
The third system allows facilities management operations to constantly monitor a building’s equipment for possible failure. Sensors are connected to a small black box to measure temperature, vibration and moisture and transmit live information to Emrill’s control centre, where it is analysed to reveal abnormalities. 
Early detection
“Too often we detect equipment failure too late, when we see water or hear noises,” said Ruehland. “Thanks to the sensors, we can detect unusual vibration the best way to predict failure and monitor changes in temperature long before things go wrong, check the equipment and solve the issue, as well as avoid potential flooding.”

Source: Property Weekly

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