Dutch firm sees big potential for floating residences in MiddleEast

Dutch company specialising in floating residences will showcase its creations at next month’s Cityscape Global in Dubai. New Living on Water (NLW) said it expects to generate around $50 million in sales in its first 12 months in the Middle East and double that amount in the succeeding year.

NLW believes its creations will appeal to the Middle East market because of their focus on luxury, privacy, environmental sustainability and renewable energy.

“A lot of people nowadays live in very densely populated areas, and for most of them this is no problem in everyday life,” said Menno de Roos, Managing Director of NLW. “But the need for some privacy and the inner need of being connected to nature has always been with us, and that’s what we’re offering. Our newly developed floating residences guarantee both the privacy and nature that people are looking for, as well as the comfort of being part of a six-star super luxury beachfront resort.”

The floating homes have been developed by NLW in cooperation with CIG, an industrial conglomerate engaged in shipbuilding, constructional design and production for complex architectural projects and the renewable energy industry.

“They were developed for a very small niche market and designed with sustainability in mind to create mutual respect between humans and the environment,” said de Roos. “Renewable energy sources are used as much as possible.”

Source: Property Weekly


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