Dubai Steps: What you should know

Once completed, the Dubai Steps will be an iconic landmark for people to exercise and marvel the city's panoramic landscapeImage Credit: Supplied

The latest addition to Dubai’s growing list of iconic landmarks – the Dubai Steps – may have you puzzled at first.

What exactly is it going to be?

Speaking to Gulf News, Abdullah Rafie, assistant director general of the planning and engineering section at Dubai Municipality, gave a detailed outline about the new monument and explained how it is set to become the city’s new destination for leisurely sports.

“Dubai Steps is a concept at the moment, and the location of the project has yet to be finalised…which we expect may happen in the next few weeks,” said Rafie.

On Tuesday, Dubai Municipality unveiled a number of new projects during a visit by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

One of the projects seeking to make Dubai a green and fully sustainable city by 2021 included the Dubai Steps, which will consist of 500 stairs.

“The status of the project is for it to become one of the city’s iconic landmarks, which is aimed to promote culture and sports, mainly through its architectural design. This is the first time [globally] that such a project will be carried out,” he said.

“There are many countries around the world that are famous for their steps, but the difference is that those steps lead you to a place…a destination that you want to reach. However, that will not be the case with Dubai Steps.” 

“This project will not have a destination but will be a landmark project, where people who want to exercise can go to,” said Rafie, pointing out that residents can use the steps as part of a recreational sports activity, enabling them to walk back and forth.

The issue of public safety is the main concern for authorities carrying out this project, which would require a great deal of detail and planning.

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“It will be an attraction for both tourists and residents, as it will be a unique concept. The challenge with this project is the safety aspect, but once the contracting firm has been approved, all those details will be addressed,” he said.

Residents will be able to see the steps as it rises in Dubai’s skyline, as Rafie assured, “it will not take long to construct and will most likely take as long as the Dubai Frame, because it is only a structure.”

Safari Golf Project

Dubai Municipality also revealed that it will build a 100-hectare Golf Park, which is expected to take shape at no other than the Safari Park;  Dubai’s newest zoo.

Rafie pointed out that the park will not only include a 18-hole golf course, but will also feature a mini-golf course and a vertical multi-floor one as well.

“Even though the Safari Park will open at the end of the year, the golf course will open much later than that. It will feature up to four levels where people can train,” he said.

Source: Mariam M. Al Serkal, Senior Web Reporter,


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