Dubai Properties: fast response priority

Dubai Properties (DP) reported a successful implementation of mitigation measures following the thunderstorm and rainfalls that recently hit the UAE. Remraam and Layan were the most affected among DP’s communities, as they suffered from floods and traffic disruption.

DP said it alerted all Remraam and Layan’s residents in the morning and advised them to remain indoors. Community pumps and tankers were also immediately deployed to manually extract excess water. “A large team of security experts and a cleaning services crew were positioned in all communities to answer to tenants’ immediate needs,” DP said in a statement. “In Remraam a temporary access was opened from the construction site area in Remraam phase 2, offering an alternative safe entry and exit to the community.”

Masood Al Awar, Chief Officer – Commercial of DP, said the company coordinated with relevant authorities to prevent further damage in the communities. “We have never witnessed such unpredictable severe storms in the UAE and damages from the heavy rain were inevitable across all Emirates,” he said. “Our experienced teams, in coordination with Taziz and Ejadah, headed by senior HSE executives, were swiftly stationed in affected locations. The team worked tirelessly round the clock, under the rain, and opened a new road within few hours, to ensure the safety of our communities residents, which has always been a top priority for DP.”

Paul Gyles, a tenant of more than three years at Remraam, said: “The weather was as bad as anything I’ve seen over the past 13 years living in Dubai. However, despite the challenges there was huge team effort by Taziz, Idama maintenance, security and the cleaners as well as the involvement of many residents all working together to manage through the situation and bring things back under control.”

Source: Property WeeklyPW


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