Dubai to ease into IPMS

The International Property Show in Dubai also hosted a forum on new measurementImage Credit: Gulf News Archives/Zarina Fernandes

The Dubai Government is one of the main proponents of the International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS) being developed by the IPMS Coalition (IPMSC), a not-for-profit professional organisation, but a Dubai Land Department (DLD) official says adopting the coalition’s proposed unified standards could be a long and complex process.

“Dubai is a big city and making these changes will take a lot of time,” said Mohammed Khodr Al Dah, Director of the Technical Department at the DLD, who heard a few concerns from property agents and owners during a forum on IPMS at the recent International Property Show (IPS) in Dubai.

Al Dah urged local real estate brokers and other industry professionals to be more actively involved in the process by providing input and pointing out potential loopholes to the IPMSC standards setting committee (SSC). “If you have any comments, this is the right time to do it,” Al Dah told participants of the forum.

Standard bearers

In November, IPMSC published IPMS — Offices, the first in a series of standards that aim to provide a more consistent way of measuring different types of property worldwide.

The coalition is now winding down its work on IPMS — Residential, which it will release next month.

“That’s the main thing we need for Dubai,” Al Dah said of IPMS — Residential, noting that while it has pledged its support to IPMSC, Dubai has yet to officially adopt the new standards. “The way we want to do it is to start with new properties, including off-plan.”

Alexander Aronsohn, Director of Technical International Standards at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and Executive Secretary of the SSC, said the committee will convene in the next few weeks in the UAE before it is due to publish a draft of IPMS — Residential. “We will be taking on the actual issues in theMiddleEast,” he said.

“After the meeting in the Middle East we’ll hopefully be in a position to complete the consultation document, which should come out in May. We will be adopting a two-month consultation period [after releasing IPMS — Residential]. We want to fully engage the stakeholders.”

Diverse interests

Aronsohn, who also spoke at the IPS forum, said the residential measurement standard requires a lot more work and consultation with people from diverse backgrounds. “In terms of offices, some people are interested, others are not. In terms of residential, everyone has a home so everyone has an interest with the residential standard.

“There are multiple issues across multiple markets, particularly in relation to buying off-plan, where people believe they’re buying one thing, but are getting something else. This is an issue that we want to deal with and make sure that we can solve it.”

Apart from office and residential property, IPMSC is also working to introduce unified standards for mixeduse property, retail, construction, industrial, land registration and business ethics.

Source: Jobannie Tabada, Features Editor


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