Dream Island awaits party people

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An island designed to host parties is being planned in the northern emirate of Ras Al Khaimah (RAK). Dream Island will be promoted as a party venue that will compete with one of Europe’s biggest party capitals.

The party island will boast 100 restaurants, four beach clubs and five hotels. It is slated to serve holiday enthusiasts by 2018.

Dream Island is one of the four luxury manmade islands in the Al Marjan Island development.

Al Marjan is a manmade island that stretches almost three miles into the ocean waters. The whole development boasts pristine scenery and a wide spectrum of lifestyle-enhancing elements such as residential, retail, corporate, hospitality, healthcare and banking.

Upon completion, Dream Island is expected to generate employment and demand for real estate not only in RAK but also in the UAE in general.

RAK has a growing tourism sector. The demand for luxury hotels in the emirate has never waned and so is the aggressive pursuit of investors to channel their resources to its blossoming hospitality industry.

The emirate is a popular weekend destination for UAE residents and a preferred holiday option among tourists from the UK, Russia, Germany and India.

Dream Island aims to transform RAK into an entertainment destination to pull in more tourists.

So, whether one wants to indulge in a dinner buffet, go shopping in the different featured establishments, or take in all the action, one will surely find everything on Dream Island.

Handy Hints
• Dream Island is one of four manmade islands on Al Marjan Island
• Al Marjan has floating villas, hotels, sports facilities and boutiques
• RAK expected to see increased revenue, jobs, property demand

Source: Cleofi-Krista Capili, Special to Properties
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