Asteco launches training facility for brokerage services

Brian Weaver - Head of Training and Development, AstecoBrian Weaver - Head of Training and Development, Asteco

Asteco has launched a unique training and development facility for the UAE market and its growing community of internationally licensed brand franchisees. The academy will be headed by leading organisational practitioner, Brian Weaver, who brings over 25 years’ of senior international performance training in his capacity as Head of Training and Development having worked with some of the biggest names in the US, Europe, Africa and Middle East.

“Our professionalism and capability is vital to our reputation and overall success, and this is what sets Asteco apart from the competition. We want our franchises to be successful and profitable, and so the academy is the perfect vehicle to help them achieve that goal,” said Weaver.

A first-of-its-kind facility for the region, Weaver’s experience in training, evaluation and major change initiatives will support the development of the growing number of franchisees under the Asteco banner.

Training is to an international professional standard thanks to accreditation from the Institute of Commercial Management, the leading global professional body for commercial and business development managers. It is also an internationally recognised examining and awarding body for business and management students.

“Our primary purpose in setting up the academy is to effectively translate our corporate and franchise strategy into training initiatives relevant to each franchisee’s business,” said Omar Binder, Director — Licensing Services, Asteco. “Under Brian’s tutelage this will enable them to develop the skill set necessary to make their franchise investment successful and in line with Asteco’s reputation for excellence and continuing development.”

The academy is based on a three-in-one model providing support from the com-pany’s corporate arm to align Asteco deliverables with franchisee business goals; continuing professional development opportunities to help franchises maintain a competitive edge; and longterm in-house support and advice as franchisees build their businesses.

“Brian’s extensive experience enables him to bring a large degree of practicality to his work, this combined with in-depth business acumen and an eye on the impact to the bottom line i.e. tangible business results, underscores the value of this new training facility,” said Binder.

Source:  Property Weekly PW


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