Aladdin City – a trip back in time

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Merging adventurous tales from the past with the superlative modernity of Dubai, Aladdin City is yet another feather to be added to Dubai’s cap.

Inspired by the tale from the “Arabian Nights” and its characters Sindbad the Sailor and Aladdin, the 4,000-acre development will showcase three towers that will span a distance of 450 meters.

The towers are planned to resemble the tale’s magic lamps, at heights that will span from 25 storeys to 34 storeys. Of the three towers, two will be dedicated to commercial establishments and offices; the other one will be a hotel.

The towers will be connected by air-conditioned links with moving walkways, perhaps to mirror Aladdin’s famed magic carpets.

According to the master plan, parking areas at the entrances on both sides of the project will have underground parking spots with roofs that will be turned into public parks. The parking lots will be able to accommodate almost a thousand vehicles.

Aladdin City will be situated in old Dubai, between Al Maktoum Bridge and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, specifically overlooking the Dhow Wharfage in the Deira side of the Dubai Creek.

The location is a historical site where traditionally, traders from all parts of the globe would congregate to trade. Some believe the area maybe where the folklore of Sindbad and Aladdin might have originated. Today, vessels and wooden dhows still ply the waters of the Dubai Creek.

Project developers and designers boast that the project adheres to the emirate’s sustainability requirements. It is designed in a way that it will become one of the UAE’s iconic destinations, much like Burj Khalifa and Ferrari World.


Handy Hints

• Aladdin City will have three towers linked with moving walkways

• It is designed to become one of country’s iconic developments

• Roofs of its underground parking areas will be turned into parks


Source: Saadiya Ahmad, Special to Properties

The writer is a freelancer



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