Abu Dhabi UPC hosts second charrette

Abu Dhabi UPC hosts second charretteImage Credit: Abu Dhabi UPC

The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) recently hosted its second charrette of the year to update stakeholders on the progress of Plan Maritime 2030: Abu Dhabi Coastal and Marine Framework Plan. More than 200 government officials attended the event, where they learned about the latest developments in the project since the first charrette — held in June this year — and discussed the key challenges and opportunities to be addressed.

A part of the Abu Dhabi Maritime Strategy, Plan Maritime 2030 envisions a ''safe, secure and sustainable maritime domain''. Its stated goals include balancing economic growth and societal needs, quality of life with marine conservation, and providing efficient and environmentally aware maritime trans port solutions. The charrette introduced the three spatial planning scenarios — taking into consideration factors such as economic diversification, heritage and the environment, and social and cultural factors — so that a balanced approach is used to create a comprehensive spatial concept framework plan to manage Abu Dhabi's coastal and marine space as well as resources.

The Plan Maritime 2030 Project Team will incorporate key points from the charrette and develop the initial draft of the spatial framework plan, including objectives, policies and management actions.

According to data, the maritime economy contributes about 68 per cent to Abu Dhabi's GDP. This includes sectors such as recreation and tourism, energy, commercial (ports), aquaculture and fishing, marine services and transportation and extractive industries (for example, oil and gas).

Plan Maritime 2030 is the fourth framework plan and will complement Plan Capital 2030, Plan Al Ain 2030 and Plan Al Gharbia 2030 in supporting the goals of Vision 2030 launched by the Government of Abu Dhabi.

Scheduled for completion next year, its aim is to ensure the safe and sustainable development of the emirate's maritime domain, which is inextricably linked to long-term economic viability.

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