Abu Dhabi, trade partners to create new tourism hubs

Tourists visit the Arabian Wildlife Park on Sir Baniyas island. Tour and travel operators say the island's wildlife, heritage and adventure experiences are powerful tools to lure tourists.Image Credit: TCA Abu Dhabl

The Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi) has identified new areas for further tourism development following consultations with several travel and tourism companies. TCA Abu Dhabi recently conducted fact-finding missions with tour operators to heritage and tourism sites in Abu Dhabi, as part of efforts to involve trade partners in developing new tourism attractions in the emirate.

The Unesco world heritage inscription, deep-rooted cultural experiences and an appealing natural environment have been identified as development levers for tourism progression in Al Ain, regarded as the heritage heartland of Abu Dhabi.

Ai Ain

Some 15 destination management companies and cruise excursion operators took part in a two-day tour in Al Ain. The participants singled out opportunities to develop tours and experiences that would reflect Al Ain's natural landscape, historic significance and cultural origins.

"Diversity of product and an ever-increasing range of creative industry packaging based around the city's historic and world heritage site attractions is essential to maximise tourism's contribution to Al Ain's economic diversification," said Sultan Al Dhaheri, Acting Executive Director of Tourism at TCA Abu Dhabi.

"Insight from our trade partners helps us understand how to better benefit from our efforts to build awareness of Al Ain's attractions, and how we can jointly strengthen the visitor proposition by shaping compelling visitor experiences."

Meanwhile, 12 UAE tour and cruise excursion operators and destination management companies took part in a fact-finding visit to Sir Bani Yas island, a former private nature reserve of Abu Dhabi's ruling family in the Western Region.

Leisure and business

The UAE travel influencers expressed their commitment to boost efforts to promote Sir Bani Yas island as a leisure and business holiday destination. The operators pointed out that the island's wildlife, heritage and adventure experiences are powerful tools to lift awareness of the emirate's diversity and commitment to conservation.

Sir Bani Yas Island is home to the Arabian Wildlife Park, which has more than 10,000 free roaming animals, including one of the world's largest herds of Arabian Oryx. The island's clear surrounding waters are rich with marine life and its history makes for a compelling tale for travellers.

"Much of our European clientele perceive Abu Dhabi exclusively as a winter sun destination with passengers looking for a beach-based holiday," said Jyoti Panchma-tia, General Manager of TUI Group's Dubai-based Travco. "I will present Sir Bani Yas island as an extension to Abu Dhabi and Dubai visits, and the breadth and diversity of the island's offering will encourage longer stays."

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