Abu Dhabi hotels enjoy an increase in visitors

Abu Dhabi HotelsThe growing popularity of events such as the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix have helped better occupancy rates l Image Credit: Supplied

Figures released by Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi) show that 215,286 guests checked into the emirate's hotels and hotel apartments in July. delivering 653,165 guest nights with occupancy coming in at 55 per cent. Hotel revenues for the month hit Dh317 million, with food and beverage accounting for Dh126 million, which is up by 9 per cent compared to the previous year.

Variations in status
Occupancy varied considerably throughout the month, reaching 52 per cent for Ramadan and rising to a peak of 81 per cent during Eid AI Fitr.

"A full programme of Abu Dhabi's summer season and cultural events along with the Eid breaks helped build the figures,'' said Jasem AI Darmaki, Deputy Director General of TCA Abu Dhabi. "We still have an issue with average length of stay, which dipped by 5 per cent this July compared to last year, and we are looking at initiatives that will address this concern.”

Surpassing standards
He continued, "Though there is still ground to cover, we have to see the advances made against the backdrop of a destination that has seen a 10 per cent increase in hotel room inventory this year compared to the last year.

"If we can maintain this momentum, we will achieve, if not surpass, our guest target for this year of 3.1 million."

Currently, Abu Dhabi has 157 hotels and hotel apartments, offering 27,928 rooms. Year-to-date, it has experienced a 25 per cent increase in domestic hotel guest arrivals, with 643,136 visitors from the UAE checking into its accommodation and accounting for about one million guest nights – which is a 24 per cent increase. The domestic guest stays, on average, for 2.28 nights.

Source: Property Weekly


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