Abu Dhabi to benefit from UPC regulations

Abu Dhabi to benefit from UPC regulationsImage Credit: Supplied

The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council's (UPC) new Community Facility Planning Standards (CFPS) will ensure every neighbourhood in the emirate is equipped with a full range of services and facilities. These guidelines were unveiled recently.

The new CFPS highlight specific social, educational, cultural, recreational and health-care facilities that must be provided in new and existing communities across Abu Dhabi. Depending on the size, demographic and needs of a development, these will include police stations, sports centres, schools, hospitals and more. Policies regarding the required number, type and location of community facilities in project proposals to be followed by government agencies, developers and planners are also delineated. For example, a community of 6,000-10,000 residents must have a neighbourhood centre with a community area, police point, early-learning centre and small clinic. A district centre with a post office, large clinic, library, sports centre, municipal offices and a community support centre is mandatory for larger developments of 30,000-40,000 residents.

Amer Al Hammadi, Executive Director at Planning and Infrastructure Sector, UPC, said: ''The launch of CFPS is another important milestone for the UPC and for the future of the emirate in line with Vision 2030.''

Any new development of at least 2,000 residents will be expected to abide by the CFPS. They would be applied to existing communities on a case-by-case basis as and when they undergo revitalisation work, said Al Hammadi. Moreover, community facilities are to be delivered in tandem with the development of a neighbourhood. So schools and clinics, for example, will open as a community is being developed rather than wait until it's fully occupied.

The UPC surveyed 11,000 households across Abu Dhabi and collaborated with 12 government agencies in order to draw up the CFPS.

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