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Before renting a property, create a list detailing all the furniture and their condition to protect your interestsToby Young

I am moving out of my apartment and the landlord has asked me to repaint it. Though it is mentioned in my tenancy contract that the apartment should be repainted when I move out, but I don’t think this needs to be done. What can I do now?

Unfortunately, if it says in your tenancy contract that you have to paint the apartment at the time of leaving, you are then contractually obliged to do so. If there was no mention of it, then you could have refused to do so, depending on the condition of the property. Once repainted, as long as your landlord is happy, then your deposit should be refunded in full.

I currently rent a three-bedroom apartment, but it only comes with one parking spot. The building management does not let my wife and I both use the car park. Why has only one spot been issued for what is clearly a family apartment?

When an apartment is purchased, a single parking spot is usually included in the price, and the additional spaces have to be paid for by the landlord. In your case, the landlord did not purchase an additional space. The only thing you can do is to ask the building management if you could rent an additional space or simply find a friendly neighbour, who would be happy to help you out.

I have recently taken possession of my villa back from my tenant. When they vacated they left numerous items that belonged to them. What should I do with these items?

You should first contact the tenant to check if it is an innocent mistake. If they do not want these items, then there are numerous companies that you can call to remove them for you free of charge.

My tenants have just informed me that the AC unit in the property is broken. Who is responsible to have this fixed?

Usually, anything structural or any repair work that costs over Dh500 to fix, considering it has not been damaged deliberately by the tenant, is the responsibility of the landlord. Often AC units are expensive to replace and thus this will be the landlord’s responsibility.

We have been staying as tenants in a property for the last six months. We have just noticed that one of the windows is loose and doesn’t close properly. How do we get this fixed?

This is a structural issue, and if it has not been caused by you, then it would be the landlord’s responsibility to take care of it. Since you didn’t notice when you moved in, you should address it with your landlord immediately and ensure you explain properly why it wasn’t noticed earlier on.

I am new to Dubai, what checks should I do before I move into a property once I find one to rent?

Make a list of all the furniture and their condition upon agreeing to rent the property. If anything is damaged, take a photo and ensure you share your list with the agent and the landlord. You should also check that service charges have been paid, and that there are no outstanding debts on the chiller (AC) or at Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa). Also, ensure you only write cheques out to the landlord, and also keep a copy of any maintenance or management contract that may be in place. If the property is being managed, make sure you get a copy of the Power of Attorney (PoA) for your records. Finally, get photocopies of any cheques written and their receipts too.

I want to renew my tenancy contract, but the agent I used is no longer in Dubai and I am unable to reach the landlord. What should I do?

There are three ways to resolve this. You could try and speak to someone else within the real estate company to see if they can help you. If they can’t, you could wait for the landlord to get in touch with you, but ensure that you keep the funds separate when they come to collect it. Finally, you can go to the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (Rera) and deposit your cheques with them. This is the most legally safe solution. They will issue you with a new tenancy contract with the same terms and conditions and use numerous routes to contact the landlord to ensure they come and sign the contract and collect the cheques. You will need to check back with Rera from time to time for an update on the situation.

Source: Property Weekly

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