Ways to ensure you have a kid-friendly home

Ways to ensure you have a kid-friendly homeImage Credit: Supplied

From decking up the nursery walls to buying a new crib, preparation for the arrival of a newborn is always elaborate. But parents should also be ready when the infant begins to crawl and starts exploring different corners of the house. Add to this the fact that children have a tendency to poke, climb and get themselves into every nook and cranny of the house.

Like all concerned parents, there are some things you can look out for to prevent accidents and mishaps involving your little ones:

• Building regulations in the UAE make it mandatory for the height of the railings in the balconies to be not less than 3 feet (91.4cm). According to experts, balcony railings should not have horizontal bars or attachments, and walls should not have steps, as these could offer a foothold for climbing. Moreover, the gaps between the railings should not exceed 10cm to prevent children from slipping through.

• Windows of apartments need to be placed at a minimum height of 3 feet from the floor. There should not be any bars on the handrail or furniture nearby for kids to climb on. Parents should also ensure protective railings with a minimum height of 3 feet are in place around swimming pools.

• Install a sliding window and door blocker. This refers to a small brass clamp placed at the bottom of a sliding window or door, and blocks them from opening. It can also be positioned 4 inches along the rail to allow for ventilation while preventing children from sneaking out through the gap.

• Use finger door guards and door stoppers. Finger door guards are strips of plastic which can be attached to the sides of doors where the hinges are placed. Doing so creates a barrier and prevents children from getting their fingers trapped in the gap when doors are opened or closed. Door stoppers are made of rubber which are clamped on top of the door and prevents it from closing completely. While preventing the door from slamming shut on the finger of the children, they also prevent rooms from being closed or locked from the other side.

Handy Hints:

• The height of railings in balconies should not be less than 3 feet (91.4cm)

• Protective railings of min. 3 feet height must be placed around swimming pools

• Doors must be equipped with stoppers, guards to prevent finger-related mishaps

Source: S. Dhar, Special to Properties

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