Pros and cons of living in high-rise buildings

Pros and cons of living in high-rise buildingsImage Credit: Supplied

Are you planning to move house soon and cannot decide whether to live in a skyscraper or a villa? Here are a few things to take into account before making the final decision:

The first advantage of living in a high-rise building is it is more economical, easier and cheaper to furnish, and the owner or tenant usually has lower utility and maintenance bills unlike villas, which have much higher bills for electricity and water, and repair charges, says Douglas Ralph, CEO of Snag and Inspect. Amenities such as pool, spa, gym and function rooms can also be used at a very low cost.

The second advantage is that most apartments are located within the city where transportation and malls are accessible. More often, there are grocery shops and restaurants located at the lower floors within the building. Most of the buildings have maintenance staff and security personnel available 24/7.

The third benefit would be getting to interact with more people as compared to living in villas, which are typically in a gated community/compound that tends to be isolated.

The top challenges of living in a skyscraper, however, are evacuation concerns and safety and security risks, adds Ralph. Most buildings are now built in such a way that it can withstand earthquakes and strong winds, but fire (either man-made or natural) still presents a real danger. Sometimes, fire systems in skyscrapers are not properly commissioned, highly combustible materials are sometimes used in the building process and security personnel are usually not well-trained. In the event of fires and other emergencies, it is harder to evacuate buildings. In addition, water damage due to water leaks, water tank damage and plumbing breaks or bursts are also major issues.

Another disadvantage is the noise problem because of neighbors living directly under, above or next to you. Your peace is usually disrupted by tenants who play loud music, loud barking dogs or baby noises in the wee hours of the night. Your privacy is also compromised. It is, likewise, a real challenge to carry heavy items such as furniture and large shopping items if you live in an apartment.

However, everything depends on your lifestyle.

Handy Hints:

• Utility and maintenance bills and other fees are usually low in apartments

• High-rises are well-connected with grocery shops and food outlets nearby

• Top challenges of living in a skyscraper are evacuation concerns and safety

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Source: S. Dhar, Special to Properties

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