'Makani' to support the property sector in Dubai

'Makani' to support the property sector in DubaiYash Shah

Dubai is advancing in many ways and it is no doubt the best place to invest and live in the world, especially for the tech-savvy people.

The Dubai Municipality recently launched the ''Makani'' (My Location) smart application, the first-of-its-kind smart system for geographic addresses.

The new system aims at enabling users to locate different destinations in Dubai within an accurate distance of one metre.

With this solution, property seekers or buyers can easily check a location in the city. This would allow users to navigate through the entire places in Dubai and zero in on the location of their interest.

The system not only promotes the Dubai tourism sector, but it also supports the real estate sector.

The service can be a convenient solution for people who are searching for real estate investments.

A potential property buyer will be very much interested in exploring/tinkering with the system to visit places he/she is interested in to see how they really look like.

The Makani smartphone application is available on all versions of different smart devices like Android phones, iPhones, tablets, desktops and laptops as well as on GPS/navigational devices in cars with voice guidance feature.

The smart system will support obtaining real time coordinates from satellites to provide detailed information about locations and access points to different buildings and properties.

The addressing system will help in identifying the entrances of buildings closely using a code number for each building in the emirate. This is facilitated by entering 10 unique numbers for each building entry.

The new navigation system will improve navigation though residential areas for the residents, visitors and tourists alike.

With this, every building, house and public place in the city will have a unique number to help people identify their location and share it.

This system is different from similar systems as it uses the UAE National Grid for a more accurate navigation system around the city.

The application can also identify public institutions like health facilities, schools and colleges, and universities, malls, city landmarks and government organizations nearest to the users. And these precise location details can also be shared with other users.

Makani can resolve issue related language barriers as it is helpful for visitors and tourists unfamiliar with areas within Dubai.

Finding a location with Makani is simple and easy. All the customer has to do is type his/her destination in the search bar and select the desired option.

He/she can then zoom in on the map and select the building or location once visible. With the satellite feed option, it becomes very convenient for everyone.

Property investors can navigate all around major locations and have a strong idea about the location that they are interested in investing in.

In fact, the technology has emerged as one of the principal drivers for the real estate industry as many investors use the benefits of technology to decide how, when, where and what investment they can make. The market has yet to fully take advantage of it.

It is exciting and everyone is hopeful that this new tool will bring increased awareness of the city's property sector.

Using the application, real estate service providers can send their coordinates to their customers' screens.

The Makani number alone is enough to locate the building. Discover Dubai on Makani now.

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Source: Yash Shah, Special to Freehold

The writer is Sales Manager - SPF Realty


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