The importance of a real estate valuer

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Any individual who is stepping into the field of buying and selling property knows the complications and legal formalities it entails. A good real estate valuer can greatly help you get the best deals for your property.

Local property valuers have the knowledge of current real estate pricing trends. So, by comparing the current property value with past values, they can inform you about the possible future trends or opportunities with particular properties.

The first thing a property valuer does is conduct a thorough manual inspection of the establishment in question. This helps identify construction loopholes, disrepairs and presence of damage, pests, or anything else that signifies immediate or future expenses. Starting from simple apartments to complex buildings, the valuer has the onus of coming up with a proper appraisal of your asset.

A property valuer mainly gives you information like what properties have sold in the area, how much they sold for, when they were bought and sold, and what size and dimensions your property occupies.

Once these factors have been analyzed, valuers generate the final valuation report. This gives the prospective buyer or seller every information they need to list a property or make appropriate purchase decisions. Prospective buyers can negotiate the price based on the valuer’s report and sellers can increase or decrease the property prices according to the estimates given.

Understanding the true value of a property can save you from paying too much or getting too little. Make sure you do your own research when hiring a property valuer to ensure complex evaluations are undertaken professionally and successfully. Another important factor that adds to a valuer’s expertise is experience. It is also advisable to hire a valuer who can offer related services like legal documentation and associated services under one roof to get all the processes done quickly and effectively.

Handy Hints
• A certified real estate valuer helps you get the correct price for your property
• When hiring a valuer, keep in mind his experience and expertise
• It is better to go for valuers who also offer associated service

Source: Zenifer Khaleel, Special to Properties
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