How to ensure success as a real estate investor

How to ensure success as a real estate investorImage Credit: Supplied

Investors can profit from real estate, but achieving success in this competitive arena requires stronger strategies, perception and knowledge. There are certain characteristics that successful real estate investors possess in common.

Since real estate investment is a complicated field, considering the huge amount of money exchanged from hand-to-hand, it is a must to get advice from experts when somebody invests full-time or part-time in the sector.

There are several ways of investing in real estate. It is a part-time income source for many who do have a full-time job. If somebody plans to expand his investment portfolio, real estate is the most attractive way to do it. Many people start investing in properties to help supplement their retirement savings. Real estate professionals help buyers become successful investors.

Successful real estate investors always keep their market knowledge updated and treat their investment as a business aimed at achieving short to long-term goals. They prepare a business plan and visualize the big picture to identify objectives and determine the action plan towards making a profit. It is significant to learn extensively about the real estate market where one plans to invest in.

Apart from developing a focus or niche and thorough knowledge of how the market functions, successful realty investors maintain high ethical qualities according to the standards of practice and policies. They are well aware of the serious consequences if ethics is not followed in their investment strategies.

All investments in the realty market are risky to some extent. To reduce the impact, it is important to identify one's tolerance for risks. The investor needs to evaluate his/her goals and finances to finalize which option is the most suitable. A successful property buyer also needs to determine what he/she wants to achieve through real estate investing.

Like in other business segments, a strong networking habit is also a characteristic of successful real estate investors. They are focused on protecting their assets from creditors, plaintiffs and other complications. Above all, successful investors are keen on involving their families because an investment is a deal of a lifetime.

Handy Hints:

• Many people invest in properties to help supplement their retirement savings

• Successful real estate investors always keep their market knowledge updated

• It is very important for a real estate investor to identify his tolerance for risks

Source: Yash Shah, Special to Properties

The writer is Property Sales & Leasing Manager, SPF Realty


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