Giving importance to property inspection

Giving importance to property inspectionImage Credit: Supplied

There are times when we think we have found our dream home, but the fact remains that when you purchase a home, its inherent problems are part of the package.

To help prevent this, a home inspector is trained to help explain what exactly is not so perfect about a home. He uses his expertise to find out where and what the problems are before you shell out your hard-earned money.

Most homes will require some kind of maintenance to be done; however, a proper property inspection report can help you make an informed decision whether to purchase the property you are setting your sight on or not.

There are many key areas of inspection. Inspectors look for serious defects which include unsturdy stairs and handrails, damaged surfaces, rusty nails, dampness, squeakiness, leaks, uneven surfaces, and loose tiles or sealants.

Certain characteristics specific to a particular property are also inspected and checked including doors and drawers, balcony, water outlets, heating and cooling system, sewerage and wastewater systems, ventilation, plumbing, electrical and gas services, security and fire alarms systems, and electrical sockets and outlets. Inspectors likewise check for insect and/or termite wood damage, drainage issues, and water supply and septic tank problems.

A typical residential inspection will encompass the property's interiors, exteriors (including the exterior of the roof), roof space, subfloor as well as drainage capacity and the potential for flooding, and the condition around the property such as the presence of trees, slopes or walls.

Once snags are observed, the inspector will document these in his report. By knowing all these in advance, you can then decide if it is worth purchasing the property and having the defects repaired, or giving it a miss altogether.

However, experts always advise investors to hire a property inspection company to conduct snagging. This will save them from nasty surprises, giving them peace of mind and greater savings.

Handy Hints:

• Property inspectors check unit's electrical, plumbing and fire alarm systems, etc.

• Inspection is conducted visually and is documented in the inspector's report

• Seek an experienced, well-qualified property inspector to conduct inspection

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Source: Saadiya Ahmad, Special to Properties

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