Find out the many pros and cons of living in a villa in the UAE

Find out the many pros and cons of living in a villa in the UAEImage Credit: Supplied

The main advantage of villa living is, of course, space; however, this means more than just additional bedrooms. Living in a villa, as opposed to an apartment, means that you will often have a larger kitchen space and easily have the potential to have separate eating and dining areas. While UAE apartments can accommodate this requirement, it is more common for villas to offer a much more comfortable space.

Another advantage of villa living is greater storage space. While apartments often have storage rooms or additional units for sale or rental, villas often come with a garage, an attic and a larger wardrobe space to store items you do not need every day.

Another is huge parking space. The vast majority of villas in the UAE comes with garage spaces; if not, they often have ample street parking nearby. Apartments tend to have assigned parking spaces for owners and tenants; however, they often allot only one space per apartment, which can be a problem when more than one person own a car in a unit.

A huge allure of villa living is outdoor space, a rarity in apartments. This is what mostly attracts families to villas. The option to let kids play outside or entertain guests outdoors is a major plus for those considering living in one.

However, villas are expensive. The cost of buying or renting a villa is significantly higher than the cost of buying or renting an apartment. Similarly, the maintenance or upkeep of villas is costly with garden landscaping, electricity, water and air conditioning fees much higher in larger properties.

Another disadvantage is location. Villas that are more affordable are usually located far from the central areas and transport links. For instance, the Dubai Metro does not have a way to connect to villa communities as much as it does to apartment communities. However, if you have your own transport, then living in a quieter place is not a problem.

Handy Hints:

• Be prepared for additional costs which usually come with living in a villa

• Check the garage, attic, storage and wardrobe space to match your needs

• Consider the transport options/accessibility before renting or buying a villa

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Source: Nicholas Baker, Special to Properties

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