Dubai: The lure and appeal of waterfront properties

The allure of seeing amazing vistas through the window always entices investorsImage Credit: Supplied

Across the world, waterfront properties hold the highest appeal and often have higher price tags. With so much of UAE properties being built along the coast, the marina or a lake, the lure of waterfront properties is as strong in the UAE as it is anywhere else in the world.

The main universal appeal of this type of property is the view that comes with it, be it a beach, an island or a lake. This is especially true for high-end apartments and villas which are designed to maximize the exposure a resident can have to the house’s most impressive views. Whether it is a clear or a hazy day, the allure of seeing the magnificent surroundings through the window always entices buyers and tenants.

Another significant appeal of waterfront properties is that most of them seem separate from the hustle and bustle of other busier areas, allowing those living in these properties a respite from the noise and pollution that more central properties put up with. While more central waterfront properties still have to deal with the chaos, they are still significantly quieter and cleaner than the downtown areas; for example, the Dubai Marina, which includes the Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), compared to Downtown Dubai.

Being able to make the most of one’s leisure time is also a huge advantage when living in a waterfront property. You can either indulge in water sports and other beach activities, or go shopping and dining along the waterfront. The ability to simply walk out from your home to the beach or the marina without having to drive, navigate traffic and search for a place to park means you can really make full use of your precious time off. Compare the effort it would take you to drive to and park at JBR or the Palm Jumeirah to enjoy a relaxed and leisurely Friday at the beach to just walking a few feet from your front door.

Waterfront properties will also always exude a sense of class that never gets overlooked in this country. No matter how spacious and beautiful your villa or apartment is, a waterfront view will always add an extra bit of style to it to impress guests.

Handy Hints:

* Waterfront properties always exude a sense of class, style and prosperity

* They allow homeowners to make full use of their leisure time on weekends

* Most waterfront projects are away from the city, providing peace and quiet

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Source: Nicholas Baker, Special to Properties

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