Buying property in Dubai: Important points for your snagging checklist

Important points for your snagging checklistImage Credit: Supplied

Trust is important in any relationship. In fact, what we all call 'reputation' is a characteristic built on a foundation of trust, and it is never more essential than in real estate.

However, no matter how trustworthy the builder is, the onus falls upon you, the owner, to be able to verify that you are being given exactly what you have or will be paying for. Trust concerns aside, it is well within your rights to have your own inspection or 'snagging', as it is called, of the house you are purchasing or moving into so you know you're getting what you bargained for. After snagging, you may discuss what work needs to be done (if any) with the developer and/or contractor.

While you may be trusted to know when a pipe is leaking or plumbing has gone awry, you may need a professional inspector to ensure that there are no structural problems and issues hidden from the untrained eye in the house or building in question. Once construction work is done or finished, and you have arranged for your inspection appointment, things to look out for include:

• Gutter, plumbing (drains, sinks, toilets, tubs, etc.), and the whole network of parts that will ensure dampness and leaking will not be a future problem

• Windows should be sealed properly and doors should be airtight and secure once closed; ensure all locks are working smoothly and efficiently

• Feel the walls and check if they feel solid when a door is slammed shut

• Ensure the electric meter is working as it should and is in good condition; check if the heating system is working efficiently

• Find where all electrical sockets have been placed to see if they are suitably positioned to accommodate your electrical appliances

• Open and close all drawers and cabinets in the kitchen to ensure they are all solidly installed; test the extractor/exhaust fan if it is working properly

There are more items on a full snagging checklist, and you and your inspector should go over it before the inspection proper. Allocate about three hours for the snagging, and always be detailed in your notes.

Handy Hints:

• Snagging is an important part of handover and must be done by the owner

• A professional inspector is needed to do a thorough snagging of a property

• All items on the checklist must be discussed by the owner and the inspector

Source: Claire Dangalan, Special to Properties

The writer is a freelancer


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