Beef up your home security to prevent burglary

Set up measures to avert incidents from occurring whether you are in or out of townImage Credit: Supplied

Whether you live in an apartment or a villa, rented or owned, securing your home and its valuables should be your priority. While it is imperative to burglar-proof your home when you are out, it is equally important to set up measures to prevent such incidents from occurring even when you are in town. There are several ways to beef up your home security, some costing money while others can be done free of charge.

Create a sense of occupancy in your home – The easiest way to achieve this is by keeping the porch or corridor lights on at most times. You could also keep the TV or radio on with high volume to discourage anybody from sneaking in through the windows. Leaving a car in the driveway or outside the garage can also be a big deterrent. When you are out, ensure that you avoid the pile-up of mail or newspaper (put your paper subscription on hold) as these can act as specific clues.

Focus on your landscaping – For an enhanced sense of privacy, do not overcrowd your villa with tall trees all around its boundary wall. A house that is easily visible from the main road/streets can actually work in your favor in this respect.

Secure your windows, doors and other points of entry/exit – Villas often come with a single main door but multiple windows, a fact well known to burglars. Hence, it becomes important to use good quality, heavy locks (sometimes even double) to secure your doors and windows. Pay special attention to the most overlooked areas like the garage, attic vents and terrace as these tend to provide unrestricted access to intruders.

Install an alarm system – Invest in a good alarm system to protect your home. The simpler and cheaper systems can be disabled very easily and are best avoided. The more complicated ones, which tend to be more expensive, usually serve the purpose appropriately. Installing an efficient system is not enough; remember to activate them.

Get your home and valuables insured – Despite taking the necessary precautions, if a burglary does happen, you can be rest assured that your property and its contents are insured. But, it is advisable to take an inventory of all your valuables beforehand for the purpose of dealing with insurance.

Handy Hints:

* Ask friends or neighbors to pick up your mail when you are on vacation

* Ensure to have a working alarm system in place and activated at all times

* Mount exterior lights with timers where burglars can’t easily unscrew bulbs

Source: Priyanka Wade, Special to Properties

The writer is a freelancer


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