Advantages of enlisting a real estate agent

Advantages of enlisting a real estate agentImage Credit: Supplied

Buying or selling a home is a crucial financial and emotional undertaking that takes a lot of work. So, spare yourself from the hassles of buying or selling a property by hiring a RERA-certified real estate agent.

When choosing an agent, ensure that he has adequate knowledge and experience in selling or renting properties. He should be qualified to complete real estate deals and anticipate what can happen.

Since agents possess classified information about the market and the neighborhood, they will be able to provide clients with information such as the correct property values, the amenities and facilities available in the neighborhood, the location's proximity to transport links and leisure and business districts, the area's demographics and others.

They can disclose market conditions which will determine a client's course of action. Many factors, such as the average cost per square foot of similar homes in varying districts or their selling prices, will have a huge bearing on clients and affect how they will proceed with the transaction. Agents can provide them with a list of references and offer background information on properties and their locations, helping them make a wise selection.

Real estate agents also filter phone calls, persuade serious buyers to make an offer, devise a negotiation strategy that will suit any buyer based on market supply, demand and conditions, and straighten out confusions.

Seasoned agents can negotiate deals well because they can remove themselves from the emotional aspect of any transaction, whereas a direct owner can be very emotionally attached to his property.

While doing the work yourself can save you the commission that real estate agents are supposed to earn, the transaction may not turn out the way you imagined it to. A small error could also land you in court, or allow you to spend much more. With an agent, you need not worry, and you can rest easy.

Handy Hints:

• Real estate agents can handle the nitty-gritty of selling/renting a property

• They have enough information that allows clients to make a wise selection

• Be sure to hire a RERA-certified agent to avoid nasty suprises in the long run

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