Why snagging is important before turnover

Why snagging is important before turnoverImage Credit: Supplied

Snagging is a term commonly used in the real estate industry. It is the process of inspecting a property for minor or significant problems that need to be corrected before the official turnover.

These issues could be on the finish, fixtures and fittings. These could include poorly insulated walls or ceilings, lack of ventilation, uneven or broken tiles, stuck door knobs, and inappropriate fixtures.

The external inspection checklist or snag list may include concrete finish and painting of the unit, window frames, paving or tiling work, dividing walls, electrical fittings, waterproofing and drains.

Internal survey checklist may include doors, handles and locks, the quality of fixtures and lights, finish and painting of walls, kitchen cupboards, tiling or grouting finish which may show poor alignment or joining and plumbing, baths and plumbing fixtures, window frames and cabinets, electrical connections, and sanding, chips or cracks.

Residential projects have become more complex and there has been a high drive for quality by the clients. It would be a better idea to hire trained and experienced property inspectors to identify construction problems, which may lead to hefty repair costs if not attended to at once.

Snagging inspection fees in the UAE start at Dh1,200 for studio units, Dh1,500 for one-bedroom homes, Dh2,500 for two- and three-bedroom villas, and Dh3,500 for five- and six-bedroom villas. Other factors that help determine the fees are location, style and the size of the property.

It is important for buyers to get a snag report done in an orderly manner to get their dream house finished to expectations.

After repairs have been carried out, owners are advised to conduct a final inspection prior to signing the dotted line to confirm that the structure is built satisfactorily and that any defects have been corrected.

Handy Hints:

Snagging is done prior to the official handover of property by the builder

• It involves correcting a host of defects such as in plumbing, fittings, fixtures

• Homeowners are advised to hire a professional inspection firm to do the work

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Source: Cleofi-Krista Capili, Special to Properties

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