Protect your home with a smart security system

Protect your home with a smart security systemImage Credit: Supplied

Sophisticated high-tech security systems accompany smart innovative homes. These devices consist of diverse security components, require minimum installation effort and can be controlled right from different apps on smart devices.

Home security frameworks can inform and react in case of an accidental fire, carbon monoxide leak, noteworthy temperature drop or build, a gatecrasher, or a characteristic debacle such as a surge.

Home security systems available in the market include the following:

• Smart door lock – The latest technology can convert any smart device into a key that allows you to control and screen your doors from anywhere. You can even grant access to other devices at pre-selected times, a convenient component for giving passage to dog walkers and househelp.

• Motion sensor – This small-scale gadget detects the presence of invaders with an advanced sensor. This can be set on the entryways, windows and other delicate spots around the home. When any movement occurs, you will automatically get a message or a telephone call.

• Hidden camera – You can monitor your home from your workplace with a hidden camera. This can also take photographs of your visitors and send them to your mobile phone. Its facial recognition door entry access system can be easily programmed to control outsider entry.

• Camera intercom – This compact security gadget includes sensors, an HD all-encompassing camcorder, and a two-way sound framework for speaking with visitors. This can be attached near the doorbell or any other locations that require it.

• Fire and smoke monitor – This keeps your family safe from fire accidents. The system sends an alert to the owner and the local fire station when it detects fire, smoke or carbon monoxide.

• Mobile apps – There are advanced mobile apps that convert smart phones to powerful wireless cameras. These stream video footages to tablets, phones and computers.

Handy Hints:

High-tech security systems’ sleek designs blend well with any home décor

• These include smoke and fire detectors, motion sensors, door locks, others

• Robotic security gadgets can roam around premises, keeping everyone safe

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Source: Asha Das, Special to Properties

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