The pros and cons of living in a studio apartment

The pros and cons of living in a studio apartmentImage Credit: Supplied

The UAE is dotted with apartments in a variety of sizes. For single working individuals or those who want to live on their own in complete privacy, a studio apartment can be the ideal accommodation option for them. Here is a lowdown on the advantages and disadvantages of living in a studio apartment:


• Huge savings – The most obvious plus point is that you can save a lot of money as studio rents are much lower than those of one, two or three-bedroom units. Also, utility bills are usually lower as cooling the place down is cheaper due to metre space.

• Privacy – It is a great option for single people just starting out and who want their own personal space.

• Decorating becomes a breeze – You do not have to rack your brain when it comes to choosing colour themes for each room, and deciding on the appropriate decor and furniture. With its size, you can opt for a single interesting piece to make a statement, or go for small-scale furniture items.

• Easy to maintain – A small space requires less maintenance as it contains less furniture and appliances; thus, it is easier to clean. With everything just within reach, shifting from one household task to another also becomes convenient.


• Space constraint – Studio floor plans are confining. It is basically your living room, bedroom and kitchen rolled into one large space. Entertaining and accommodating guests, therefore, can become challenging.

• Picking furniture can be a challenge – Finding the right compact furniture that fits in the space, is functional and looks good is a challenge especially if you need to buy items meant to delineate certain areas like the bedroom and the living room.

• Lack of storage – Having to make clever use of storage space can be a hassle; e.g., a dining table attached to the wall or drawers under the bed. Pulling them out every time you need something is not only irritating but also labour intensive if done on a daily basis.

Handy Hints:

• Studio apartments provide occupiers with complete privacy and huge savings

• Doing household chores, cleaning and decorating a breeze with small spaces

• Studio units, however, lack space for entertaining guests and adding storage

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Source: Saadiya Ahmad, Special to Properties

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